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Data analyst with a strong geography background and experience in cartography, data visualizations, and statistics.  Passionate about creating accessible analysis to help others make informed decisions.



California State University - East Bay      (Graduated June 2016)

Master of Science, Statistics with Computational Option, GPA 3.95


University of California - Santa Barbara        (Graduated March 2014)

Bachelor of Science, Physical Geography, Summa Cum Laude

Offen Research Grant (February 2013)

Distinction in Major (March 2014)

Outstanding Achievement in Geography (March 2014)



Statistical Methods: hypothesis testing, experimental design, regression models, dimensionality reduction, bootstrap, markov chain monte carlo and machine learning


Software and Programming Languages: R, SQL, Python, Git, ArcGIS, RStudio,Tableau, Chartio, Excel, Illustrator, HTML, CSS


Selected Coursework: Foundations of Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Conceptual Modeling and Programming for the GISciences, Stochastic Processes, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics



Data Analyst Intern: Udemy.com       (June 2016-Current)

  • Conducting analysis in R to study user search behavior for an education startup

  • Building SQL tables and writing queries to extract relevant data to test hypotheses

  • Collaborating with project managers to define KPIs to track the efficacy of new product launches 

  • Developing dashboards to enable PMs to monitor the performance of the marketplace and inform business decisions 

  • Presenting findings to contribute to information and knowledge sharing across teams

  • Analysing AB tests

  • Improving data quality by finding and reporting bugs/issues with the data logging and infrastructure 

Engineering Intern: City of Oakland Public Works       (March 2015-October 2015)

  • Conducted data cleanup on the sanitary sewer system, which includes over 930 miles of pipes and over 31,000 structures

  • Worked with engineers to create a model that leverages existing data to identify sewer pipes in need of maintenance

  • Analysed 2,300 lane miles of streets to help find opportunity sites where projects overlapped in order to optimize the city’s limited resources

  • Analysed data and created visualizations for mandated reporting.

  • Created web mapping applications, incorporating data from several different city programs to provide managers with tools for better collaboration and new insights


Bike and Pedestrian Planning Intern: City of Oakland       (August 2014-March 2015)

  • Created wayfinding signage plans along bicycling routes that include directional and distance information to major destinations

  • Generated maps, using ArcGIS and Illustrator, for planning future bicycle infrastructure and public outreach

  • Maintained and updated the city's bikeways geodatabase

  • Using Excel and ArcGIS, I analysed data for reporting and planning purposes


GIS Intern: Andrews + Chang        (Summer 2013)

  • Used Esri ArcGIS to create a geodatabase of West Oakland including urban infrastructure and environmental quality data

  • Used a variety of online data clearing houses to acquire crime and transportation injury data

  • Created urban and regional planning maps for architects and community members